Barn Fireproofing

  This is a multi -faceted project to fireproof the exterior of an older barn.  It involved a lot of research into existing methods of "hardening" a building exterior as well as some on site inovations. The components of this sytem of fireproofing are; fireproof cement board siding and trim, an insulating layer of drywall between the siding and the existing wood exterior,  insulated and cement board closed soffitts, insulated and sheet metal fascia, a new class A roof, and a poured concrete "Ember Dam" at the base of the exterior wall.  

  After these details, any wind driven embers would hit the building with no effect, and land at the concrete base to self extinguish.  In addition, much effort was taken to remove all combustable vegetation from the surrounding area and create a defensible space.

  Fireproof storm shutters are planned for the windows and doors.

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