Here are some words from past clients regarding our projects together:

  I want to thank you for the beautiful work you have done here.  As always, you have added a depth of aesthetics and structural soundness to the skeleton.  This time it was a lot more than perfuming the pig!  I appreciate your creative impulses as well as your obsessive thoughtful considerations.


  I knew Matt's work before I knew him.  In a small community on the California coast I would notice an energy that flowed from simple crafted floors, small buildings, gates, and more.  When I asked who did the work, the answer was repeatedly, Matt.

  Since then he has done various things for me and my clients.  Everything he tackles is done with the clients goals and excellence in mind.  Matt is thoughtful, careful, and will not accept anything that he feels is not the best possible for the client or the project.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.


  Matt remodeled my kitchen and he is a pleasure to work with.  I hadn't done any building projects prior to redoing my kitchen, and his input was invaluable.  He walked me through the project, and helped me with the design, and choices of materials.  Matt's expert skill as a craftsman, dedication to functional and beautiful design, extraordinary work ethic, and reasonable costs, made the project work beautifully‚Ķ and I have a kitchen that I love and enjoy.


  Matt Lou's building changed my life.  I had a dream, to build a yurt and have a home off the grid in the country.  Matt made this happen, and created a sanctuary beyond my wildest dreams. My yurt brings me so much joy and happiness.  What started out as a dream to have a simple yurt bloomed into a yurt, mudroom, full kitchen, outhouse and bike shed, grey water system, and full garden with irrigation.

Matt's skills are unique in many, many ways.  One is that he is proficient in so many different areas. Whereas some most builders only do say, roofing or electrical - Matt can do it all!  Truly amazing.  And, when a challenge is presented, Matt meets it head on with his brilliant mind and tenacity and does not stop until that challenge is overcome.  He does this mostly on his own.  He would be the one calling ME to get me to make a choice so he could keep moving.  Matt also was patient with my very limited knowledge of building and taught me what he was doing as we went went along, which helped me not only learn about the complexities of buildings but also helped inform my choices and keep my costs down.                                               

  Another thing I appreciate about Matt is how he gave thought to the connection of all my systems.  He truly put so much thought, and planning into the project that now, when I am at my yurt, I silently thank him, all the time for how easily my systems are to work with and how well built they are.  He thinks of everything!


  I didn't get a chance to call you back and congratulate you on a job well done, an INCREDIBLE  job well done.  I will say it again - I couldn't have done this without you and that's the truth.  I probably would have sold the place because the idea of hiring someone who I didn't trust and had half the talent of you was something I just couldn't handle.  You are the greatest builder I have had the privilege of working with, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


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