Boulder Apartment

  In this project, we were working in an older house with a flooded basement apartment that had been stripped of all drywall, flooring, appliances, trim, and other materials at a cut line of four feet off the floor.  In the front of the space was a slab type floor, and in the back a framed floor spanning over dirt.  This was pretty much a complete remodel, or rehabilitation, trying to work with what was still left above the four foot mark and not doing a total gut remodel due to budget constraints.  

  For starters, the floor in the whole back area had to be rebuilt with new concrete footers to support the older floor framing.  I then installed new framing and sub-flooring to blend with an already out of level older building, repaired some considerable foundation cracks, and installed a new sump basin, pump, and exhaust line.  The rest of the scope of work included:  shoring up the existing wall framing, adding a closet, all new electrical circuits and fixtures, new drywall in most places, new doors, trim, appliances, paint, carpet, vinyl, and finishes.     

  One of the tricky parts was disguising the four foot cut line and material changes which was done with a chair rail type trim detail and some simple drywall skim coating.  Attention was paid to clean finishes and trim details, simple and cost effective material choices, and in-stock cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and flooring, to bring this apartment back into a much-improved state.

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