Capitola Kitchen

  Here are a few pictures of a kitchen remodel in Capitola California.  In this project, we were faced with a few different issues (as you may see in the two before pictures) .

-The kitchen was located in the center of the house creating a darker feeling with no windows.

-The stove was located in the center of the space blocking light, flow of movement, and good use of space.

-There were older cabinets, chunky tile counter tops, a messy wall texture, and a pink color scheme.

  The year before, I cut a skylight into the room which made an immediate difference in the available natural light.  I then removed all the old counters and cabinetry, relocated the stove to open up the center space and ceiling, built a soffit around the entire ceiling to define the space and hold recessed lighting, and installed all new cabinetry, counters and appliances.  I also sanded and skimmed over the existing wall texture to create a new smooth wall surface.  New paint and trim details, as well as a new wood floor completed the picture.  

   All floor and wall finishes were also carried into the adjacent living room to connect the two spaces aesthetically.  Other notable details that help to define the aesthetic include an apron front sink, new 900 cpm stove hood, maple butcher block counters, maple backsplash, LED recessed down lights, under cabinet lights, and a custom built-in display case with a glass door.  

  (Click any image to enlarge)


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