Geyser and Hot Tub

  This was an interesting and challenging project that required controlling and containing a natural hot springs geyser, creating a containment reservoir, cleaning up an area around an existing 100+ year old fountain form, and diverting the hot springs water down to a newly designed and constructed hot tub area next to a creek.  The challenges in this case were working with a water source that came out of the ground every hour for about 25 minutes, and working with an existing site condition of erosion and varying grade changes.

  Elements of this project include a concrete containment reservoir and mote to collect and direct the water, a slate cap to protect the concrete, an interesting drain system to supply the hot tub and drain the excess geyser water, a waterfall feature as a drain termination to eliminate further erosion issues and add and aesthetic detail, a stone masonry retaining wall and bench to stabilize the creek embankment and support the hot tub deck above, a stamped concrete patio and steps around a stainless steel hot tub, a custom shade structure and changing area, and much grading and finish landscaping.

  Some of the trade skills involved in this project were design and planning, excavation and grading, concrete forming, pouring, and finishing, stone masonry, tile work, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, and landscaping.

  Because of the unique nature of this project, I decided to show some photos of the process involved along the way (in case you find yourself in a similar situation).

  (Click any image to enlarge)


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