Large Yurt Rebuild

  This large yurt had been crushed by a tree in a winter storm.  Then it sat broken and soaking in the rain for months before I got to it.  The stick framed bathroom addition had also been hit and one corner took the full weight of the tree, knocking the walls out of wack and severely damaging the interior finishes.  You can see the damage from the before images... And that big rock outside the front door was new as well!

  After deciding to put up a new yurt, and fix the damaged bathroom structure, many weeks of clean up commenced.  This included, the old broken yurt and it's water damaged subfloor structure, the surrounding landscaping, and the damaged bathroom structure.  Often times in a project the first phase is a clearing away, to reveal what is left to save.  Then I start to repair, rebuild, and create.  

  Scope of work items included constructing the new yurt itself, building a pony wall to raise the ceiling height, adding a new wood floor, wood framed windows, and all interior and exterior finishes, fixing and detailing the bathroom structure and roof, with a new entry door, rear window, tile, lighting, vanity, toilet, and all interior and exterior finishes, and redoing the entryway landscaping and all details in the surrounding grounds area.  All items were designed and intalled by me.

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