Occidental Decks

  This is a collection of photos for two somewhat complicated redwood decks designed and built by me on the Occidental Renovation 3 page showing a few more details.  The larger of the two decks took many hours of planning and sketching to configure: the correct elevations for multiple entry points into the building, the way the various stairways landed on the finish grade, all the various railing details, the roof metal installed on the ceiling of the lower 2 story deck, and the way that this roof metal will drain via downspouts integrated into the railing design.

  Except for help with standing a couple of the main 6 x 6 support posts, these two decks were solo missions that include many details including: custom milled railing and trim details, solid stairway stringers and steps, custom designed ceiling for the lower 2 story deck including gutters and downspouts, custom metal work on the exterior walls, custom galvanized handrails, copper post caps, 4 x 4 wire mesh panels, and a lot of structural metal hardware to support it all.

  On the larger deck, notice that the 6 x 6 support posts in the corner are continuous right up to the top and support the railings as well.  Also of mention is the stairway landing to the upper deck, which is self supporting of the two stairway stringers to the upper level.

   On the smaller deck take notice of the double cantilever under framing to support the outside corner and provide a decent setback from an existing leach field line.

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