Occidental Renovation 2

  This project was on the same piece of property as Occidental Renovation 1, however, with a different structure and different upgrade parameters.  The owner had already had a new perimeter foundation poured for much of the building and it was mostly shear walled with plywood on the exterior.  My scope of work entailed finishing off shear wall, electrical, roofing, and fascia details, as well as ordering and installation of all windows and sub trim, designing and building all decks (see occidental renovation 3), general landscaping and drainage considerations, and wrapping the whole house in preparation for siding.  It was to possibly sit for the winter so it had to be weather tight.

  In addition, I had to configure much of the utility infrastructure for the building as we added new water supply lines and booster pump, new electrical service panels and supply lines, and integration of an existing solar electric set up.  This was organized with a new utility shed which housed the different systems.  

  The owner also wanted to add some metal accents to the finished exterior look , which was to be redwood siding, so we played around with that a bit to add a different aesthetic.

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