Yurt Compound

  This project began as a simple yurt and entryway construction and evolved into a wonderful creation of space and building interplay.  First I built the yurt platform and erected the 24 ft yurt.  Then followed the entryway deck which would include a breezeway entrance and mudroom/closet structure.  A decorative fence and outhouse/storage shed came next as well as the utilities of electric, water, and gas.

  This Yurt has a completely independent solar electric system, a fully drainable water system with an on-demand hot water heater, a gas fireplace and gas stove, and a pump-out tank toilet.  All artistic details were designed to fit in with an existing aesthetic elsewhere on the property, as well as intending a more rustic and simply-constructed ideal.

  We used recycled barn wood for the exterior walls of the mudroom and shed, custom-stained galvanized metal roof panels throughout, and reclaimed doors and windows when possible. This is one of the first projects to draw upon all of my varied skills in a functionally-holistic as well as artistic creation.  

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